Palin, What is Your Real Problem in Life?

Just when I thought I was out, she managed to pull me back in! Yeah! Okay! So I stole that line from Godfather III, but, hell that's the way I'm feeling! I vowed NOT to devote one keystroke to Sarah Palin unless and until she stopped pimping herself and actually threw her ass into the 2012 POTUS race. But, this woman has gotten on my last good nerve and I just have to say something!

I am sick and tired of this woman allowing the name "Michelle Obama" to even come out of her mouth! Look! All the woman is trying to do is to get America healthy again by waging war against obesity among our children. But every time I turn around, it seems that Palin has something negative to say (here, here, and here). Sure, this may be playing well to the right wing-nuts that think this crap is cute or even garnering political points for 2012. But, to those of us who have any semblance of intelligence it is simply another example of the ignorance that permeates the political agenda since November 2008. 

And this latest attack on the POTUS via the First Lady is just another example of the ignorance personified. I mean Sarah was so busy trying to "make a funny" that she didn't realize that it would truly come back to bite her in the butt. Knowing Sarah, she probably didn't realize that anyone read, remembered, or could even find that  original 2007 proclamation declaring October as Breastfeeding Month in Alaska. But, alas and alack, there are a whole lot of references regarding that proclamation because she seemed to have forgotten about her gay "tolerance" stance when she ran for VP (here, here, and here). 

Oh yeah! Did you know that there is a study that purports that "babies who are breastfed are smarter when they get older"? AHHHHH! That explains it!

Much Obliged, Very Much Obliged... SjP


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