Old School First Friday: Teena Marie

Oh Yeah! It's the first of the first month of the new year!!! And that means it's time for some old school jamming and par-taying in the blogosphere! Today's Old School First Friday theme is all about Ms. Teena Marie who burst on the scene waaayyyy back in 1979 putting down some sho' nuff blue-eyed soul. 

Forever paired with funk-master, Rick James, Fire and Desire will no doubt be featured somewhere today. So, in SjP fashion, I struck out to "find" that obscure video or cut of Ms.Teena. Well, I'm not sure if I accomplished my goal, but I did find a cut that I'd never heard by Teena Marie before. It's from her 1979 Motown debut album entitled quite appropriately, I think, Wild and Peaceful

Sojourners, I hope you enjoy this live version of really old cut originally recorded by the Temptations, by Teena Marie! I know I did! Girlfriend was JAMMIN'!

RIP, Ms. Teena Marie! RIP!

Much Obliged, Very Much Obliged... SjP


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