5 Million More: Hitler's Forgotten Victims & the Descendents of Africans

A few weeks ago, I was taking some much needed time to clean my inbox of junk mail, commonly known as spam. One after another, I systematically placed a check-mark beside emails for which I had no interest or little concern. Yes, I admit that some of the emails were from individuals I knew - but, alas they were marked for the trash chamber for no doubt being yet another chain. As I checked  off the doomed  emails without emotion or thought, the subject line of one particular email gave me a great pause. "Blacks Under Hitler - A Must Read!" was the subject of the email. Interesting (I thought). Blacks living in Nazi Germany (not likely, I mused).  Probably a real stretch...I'll read it later (I decided).

I'd almost forgotten about that email until today. Perhaps it was because of the recent discussion/debate that I've been engaged in regarding racism with Ms. Lady Deborah (my Blog Twin)  and Griper. Or perhaps having finally watched Valkyrie from beginning to end and wondering why that assassination attempt was not successful given the victims of those that were. Or perhaps I thought it was time for me to post something and that would be as good a topic as any. Perhaps, and truthfully, a combination of all three. But, I now know that after reading that email followed by a little sojourning research, that Jesse Owens was not the only Black person to witness or feel Hitler's racial animus for anyone not a member of "his master race".

The Holocaust claimed the life of nearly 6 million Jews. This is a fact that the world must never forget, diminish,  marginalize, or white-wash. This history serves as a constant reminder of the net result hatred, ignorance, abuse of power, and even fear. Yet, we know little about the other 5 million who were persecuted, tortured, tattooed and killed because of their race, beliefs, or failed attempts to be human by helping their Jewish neighbors.

Among the forgotten 5 million, were non-Jews of Polish descent who did not "look" Aryan enough,  homosexuals who were considered degenerates;  gypsies because of their race, and the descendants of Africans, deployed to Germany by the French as part of the World War I Allied occupation, who married and had children with German women because they were considered to be "racially inferior".

In an attempt to ensure the purity of the German people, the sterilization of African-German children was conducted pre-WWII Germany. Considered an insult to Germany, Hitler rationalized the sterilization by writing "The mulatto children came about through rape or the white mother was a whore. In both cases, there is not the slightest moral duty regarding these offspring of a foreign race." Yet, African-German youth, like Hans Hauck, joined the Reich and fought for the country they loved even though it did not love them.
Then, according to author, A. Tolbert III, many African-Germans were 
"arrested, charged with treason, and ship in cattle cars to concentration camps. Often these trains were so packed with people and (equipped with no bathroom facilities or food), that after the four-day journey, box car doors were opened to piles of the dead and dying. Once inside the concentration camps, Blacks were given the worst jobs conceivable. Some Black American soldiers, who were captured and held as prisoners of war, recounted that, while they were being starved and forced into dangerous labor (violating the Geneva Convention), they were still better off than Black German concentration camp detainees, who were forced to do the unthinkable—man the crematoriums and work in labs where genetic experiments were being conducted. As a final sacrifice, these Blacks were killed every three months so that they would never be able to reveal the inner workings of the “Final Solution”.
While doing research for this post, my sojourning took me a place - literally and figuratively - that sounds an the alarm of "history repeating itself". Although, the rhetoric of today has the all too familiar 1930s' Nazi tone of hatred, ignorance, abuse of power, and even fear. I remain, however, a firm believer that history can only be repeated when it is not known. Because only when we have the knowledge of what we as human beings are capable of will the atrocities of our history NOT be repeated. 

I encourage you to read the full text of the email I received here.

Much Obliged, Very Much Obliged... SjP


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