Do the Freaks Still Come Out at Night?

Yes! And not only are they still coming out at night they're coming out all damn day long! GEEZE! When will all this madness, ignorance, and craziness end? It's like watching a remake of the Sixth Sense but instead of seeing "dead people all the time" who don't know they're dead we're seeing freaks disguised as intelligent, educated, and concerned.
     "Damn, SjP!" You say. "You being awfully hard on this one - particularly since we ain't heard from you in awhile". I know, I know, but sometimes you just get to a place where you got to tell the truth. And I'm at that place right now!
     So let me break this one down starting with my definition of FREAK. I know that FREAK has a few different definitions, but for the purpose of this post, I'm defining FREAK as someone who has a wild hair up their rectal orifice that prohibits any form of rationale thinking. They're thinking is delusional bordering on acute paranoia and as a result, exhibit behavior that is bizarre, compulsive, and dangerous. And when (or if) a FREAK comes to his or her senses, they blame the "voices in their head" for making them act like a damn fool.

     Well, it seems to me that we've seen a whole lot of FREAKS coming out at 24/7 over this past week. Each one blaming the "voices in their heads" for their bizarre, compulsive, and dangerous behavior. And while Shirley Sherrod is an obvious victim of the continued delusional paranoia that has seemed to engulf this Country since November 2008, we all continue to suffer as a result.
     It is pretty clear to me that there are those rectal orifices filled with wild hairs that need to be pulled out post haste on the left and the right. The current Democratic President is not the son of satan and his administration are not satan's disciples as Fox News would have us believe. But, by the same token, the Democratic President is not the second coming followed by a "glamoured" administration seeking canonization from the church as endorsed by MSNBC. The Democratic President is only a human being; and as I heard the famed psycho-therapist, Albert Ellis remind us all, "men is a fallible human beings and will sometime f*ck up". 
     But, another thing that is pretty clear to me, even more important that rectal orifice -filled FREAKS is that if this racial beef that is permeating in this Country is not grilled and eaten it will continue to be the fuel the actions of those seeking to prove the other as racist and those seeking to prove they are not. Until then, the FREAKS will no doubt continue to listen to the "voices in their heads" and come out at night. I just wonder if we'll find anyone at home.
Much Obliged, Very Much Obliged... SjP


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