O.K.! Now I'm Pissed!

O.K.! I know! I know! It's been a long time since I've posted. Not that I haven't had anything to say - but because "life" has been getting in the way of blogging and I just haven't had much time. So, why am I pissed you ask? Well let me break it down!

First: I've been tracing my family roots for the past two months. Had been thinking about doing so for a while, but thought I wouldn't have any luck. But a family birthday calendar prepared by one of my cousins for Christmas got me thinking about "who am I?" And soon I found myself on ancestry.com trying to find out. While its an exciting process and I've connected with long lost cousins and in-laws, I am pissed off with the realization that my ancestors were not considered three-fifths of a man. They were only counted as three-fifths of a man! 

Census data pre-1860 records a probable slave owner of one my ancestors and my ancestor is listed by sex and age. NO NAME! NO BIRTHPLACE! NO NOTHING! JUST A NUMBER! The arrogance of the people who enslaved my ancestor and all but wipe out my history, my cultural and historical inheritance! Yet, with the simple designation of "mulatto", I know that their blood, too, flows through my veins; and it pains me to know that my slave owner ancestor (or his desendents) cares nor cared nothing about me or mine. Get over it, you say? To that I say, WHY? Would that make YOU feel better?

Second:  So, Virginia wants to celebrate Confederate History Month. Personally, I think THEY SHOULD! Why? Because, once again the ignorance of a people who proudly tout the confederate flag under the misguided untruism that "the South will rise again" might really learn something. Learn what, you ask? Well, they would learn that African American served in every war declared in the United States. During the Revolutionary war, many were granted the "honor" of serving their Country in lieu of their masters. They might also learn that at the beginning of the Civil War, more African Americans (490,000 slaves and 59,000 free) lived in Virginia than in any other state in the Union. 

Giving Virginia the "go ahead" to celebrate Confederate History Month, might well serve as a wake-up call for those Virginia's who believe that only white soldiers fought against the Union. They would be forced to research and acknowledge the two units formed in Richmond, Virginia in 1865; and Robert (Uncle Bob) Wilson, who enlisted as a private in Company H of the 16th regiment of Virginia Infantry; and how General Lee decided it was just fine to enlist Black slaves in exchange for their freedom  since the South was about to get their a$$es whooped. I have no doubt that if Bob McDonnell truly knew the history of Blacks in the Confederate Army he would have truly thought twice proclaiming such a month of celebration.

Third:  What the hell is going on in Arizona. Sure, I know that they are pissed off that once again they've not been able to send one of their own to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for anything more than a visit; but DAYUM! First they are the very last state in the Union to acknowledge MLK Day as a federal holiday. Now they have decided that BWNW (Breathing While Not White) will get you detained by the police at best and or arrested. Sounds an awful lot like pre-Mandela South Africa to me. And then they tried come up with a law that will require every POTUS candidate to prove that he/she was born in the US before Obama's name can appear on the 2012 presidential ballot. LAWD HAVE MERCY! I know that I'm pretty weak for a good conspiracy theory - but, this one defies even my conspiratorial mind. I mean this would be a 40+ year conspiracy to prime an unborn male whose mother is white and father is Kenyan to become president of the United States in 2008. Think about it...PLEASE!

And then, because you just can't make this shyte up, Arizona decides to break the first rule of educators and students in the United States - Academic Freedom. Yes, they have decided that teaching ethnic studies is wrong and against the law because it promotes "ethnic chauvinism" and racial resentment toward whites while segregating students by race. Say What? You mean to tell me that in Arizona white folks CAN'T take an ethnic studies class or that classes that might include a diverse subject matter are banned! LAWD HELP! No wonder "The Grand Canyon State" is Arizona's nickname because must refer to the hugh cranial cavity required of cavity elected officials.  

Like I said, I'M PISSED! And I just had to TELL SOMEBODY!

Much Obliged, Very Much Obliged... SjP


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