For Those Who Speak "Negro" (and for Those Who Don't)

Even after the Mayor  being told the Las Vegas Welcome Mat would not be made available to him (the Black community tore him a new one for that), the POTUS came to Sin City away to help old Harry keep his job (ain't gonna happen) couple of weeks ago. I didn't get a chance to see the POTUS, but nothing was going to keep me from hearing his morning remarks. And when he said “They’re up there cheesing and grinning" in reference to the Republicans hypocracy over the stimulus package, nothing could stop me from literally howling with laughter.

Of course, I knew exactly what he meant, but it became clear while I listend to CNN's Rick Sanchez's take on the speech, that for those times when the POTUS decides to speak "Negro" some method of translation might be required for those not proficient in the language. But, then while listening to the POTUS today, I found myself howling with laughter once again because while he was speaking I was translating his words into "Negro".

So for those who speak the language and those who don't, I want to let ya'll know what the POTUS really said:
Listen you sons of b*tches, I'm tired of d*cking around with you. I told ya'll when I was running for this damn office that dealing with this health care shyt was gonna be first on my list. And ALL YOU a$$holes have been actin' like gat damn fools ever since I said "so help me God". Well, listen, I am through phuquing around with you dumb-a$$ ignant mofos. Ya'll gon vote on this gat damn bill whether you want to or not - and ya'll gon vote on it now!

Personally, I don't give a shyte if you trying to keep yo job or not. Some of ya'll need to take your funky a$$es home anyway. Cause Lord knows you ain't doing shyte here but taking up space and getting on my gat damn nerves. Yeah!  I said it! And I don't give a good gat damn who I piss off. Look! I gave you short-haired prissy-a$$ mofos on the right a chance to do something - but, all ya'll want to do is talk shyte. Well, I'm through listening. And don't EVEN get me started on you pussies who suppose to have my back! Shyte! Bo got more balls than most of you. PLEASE! Here you got enough juice to do any-gat-damn-thing you want to and you sons of b*tches are runnin around like real punks and leaving me hanging.

So, like I said, I'm through phuquing around with all ya'll stupid-a$$ selfish-a$$ dumb-a$$ silly-a$$ mofos; and I'm telling you right now that ya'll better do something right now even if its wrong! I got other shyte to deal with like them damn fools in Iraq, Iran, Korea, and Afghanistan. We got bills up the a$$,s illy a$$ mofos trying to blow us the phuque off the face of the earth, folks out of work AND YOU mofos are worried about YO JOBS - PLEASE!

Its time for all ya'll to shyte or get off the mofoing pot. Shyte! Somebody give me a a damn square!
 O.K. maybe this isn't "Negro" but I bet that's what he really wanted to say!

Much Obliged, Very Much Obliged... SjP


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