Welcome Sojourners

Thank you so much for visiting Sojourner’s Place! I hope you will consider this place as “your home away from home”, as you the doors are always open and you are always be welcome.

Sojourner’s Place, opened for business on January 1, 2008 on blogspot.com and continues evolves every day. Having expanded to its own domanin, Sojourner's Place still speaks the truth on a myriad of topics of interest and concern to African Americans, including social action, politics, history, and truths from other sojourning voices. Only the TRUTH is spoken here and your opinions and thoughts are important, considered, and encouraged.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and find Sojourner’s Place to be one of your favorites. Keep up with the truth, get updates, and let me know how I’m doing, and please feel free to comment on this or any other post you desire. And if you'd like to sojourn with me, don't forget to include your blog or website link.

Much Obliged...Very Much Obliged to you for hearing me ~ ~


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**Disclosure: The Feds say I gotta tell ya'll that I have received financial compensation for some posts at SjP's. Like ya'll didn't already know.