SjP's Trophy Room

Sojourner’s Place opened for business officially on January 1, 2008. Guess ole SjP might be doing something right, cause ya’ll have humbled me with the awards, kudos, and recognitions shown below. Please take some time to visit my blogging friends who felt Sojourner's Place worthy. Much Obliged!

Awards, Honors,
& Kudos
Life is Grand Award fromStaciPC & underOvr (aka The U)

Splash Award from Villager of Electronic Village
Shades of Black and White from Shirl of Shades of Black and White

2008 Awards, Honors, & Kudos
Blog of the Day Award
Rose Award from Marvalus of The Marvalus View
"E" for Excellent Award from Yobachi of

Best Commentator Nominee & Winner!

Just Brilliant Award for "Slave" Narratives from Isabella Mori of Change Therapy. Also received from Ajuan of Black on Campus, Pjazzpar of Traces of a Stream, & Blog Queen of Sagacious Rambling
The Honest Blogger Award from Believer1964 of Miscellaneous Matters

I Love Your Blog from Wayne of Electronic Village
Superior Scribbler Award from Ms Lady Deborah of From My Brown Eyed View
UberAmazing Blog Award from Clnmike of The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor

Much Obliged! Very Much Obliged for the Love! SjP


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**Disclosure: The Feds say I gotta tell ya'll that I have received financial compensation for some posts at SjP's. Like ya'll didn't already know.